Welcome to Father in Training

This blog is my way of remembering all of those feelings, thoughts and emotions we go through as parents. It includes reviews of products and places I have come into contact with , the odd meme I get invited to participate in, but more importantly many posts about being a Father.

Father in training as a title was born when my OH was pregnant and long before I even contemplated blogging. It seems fitting as i don’t think I will ever lose my training wheels as a Father as it’s a job that will always be evolving and one that I will always be learning at.

If you have found yourself to this site many thanks for reading and whilst I have you if  I could ask you all to take 2 minutes of your time and sign the GBS petition. I have written a piece on GBS as it is an infection that kills 75 babies a year and can be prevented so please do your bit to help, thank you.

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