My son the future England captain

It’s what all Fathers want for their son isn’t it? Captain of their favourite football team and captain of England. If I had written this 2 years ago it’s what I envisaged.  Having a son, teaching him to play football and then push and encourage him to get to the very top. It’s what my Father wanted for me.  Perhaps my failing to get beyond Sunday league football is the reason we haven’t spoken for 18 years, or perhaps it’s because he was a useless Father, who knows?

One thing for certain is that the day my son was born, was the day my whole outlook on what a Father is changed, and hopefully for the better. Don’t get me wrong, I love sport and if my son enjoys some of the things I can do (some of them quite well) it would be brilliant. I would love to have a kick about with him in the park, or when he’s older a round of golf, or go and watch a game. The fact of the matter is,  I am prepared for him to not like these things.

I start to wonder what he will like and take an interest in as he grows and gets older. What doors will he open up for me?  What new skills will I have to learn in order to take an interest and take a part in his hobbies?  He may be creative; I haven’t a creative bone in my body. He may be musically talented or like acting; the only acting I have been accredited with over the years is acting the fool.

The one thing I have grown to believe is that anyone can achieve anything they want in life. My role as a Father, therefore, is to give our little man every opportunity to reach his full potential. To encourage him to do his very best in everything that he does because that is all we will ever ask of him. Hopefully he can look back when he is my age and be happy with what he has accomplished and, I hope, thankful of the support me and his mum gave him.

I never had this from my Father, he never pushed me academically –  his only interest was in my sporting achievements. When I hit adult life he decided that rather than be around to help me through those years, he would run off with another woman and that was the last I saw or heard from him. In this job as a Father I will always be learning,  well the biggest lesson I took from my own was what not to do so it’s a pretty good start I guess.

So my son the future England captain, my son the brain surgeon, my son the shop keeper or my son the engineer. Who knows what the future brings but I am ready for him to choose his own path and whatever that may be, it will ,I am sure, open up my own eyes to a whole new world. I only hope I can perform my role to the very best of my ability in giving him every possible chance to fulfil his dreams.

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