What a week

A lot of my posts so far have been about Fatherhood and the fears and pleasures it brings. I felt it’s about time I wrote about the little man himself and what better week to do it than after the busy 6 or 7 days he’s had. It seems that all of a sudden he has gone from the chubby little grinning baby into a little boy and with it a whole lot of changes both in his appearance and in what he can do.


First major change has been on the cards for some time as he seems to have been teething since birth. The last couple of weeks however have seen some serious lumps around his bottom 2 teeth. This weekend finally saw him cut his first tooth, our gummy boy has a tooth and that gummy smile gone forever, to be replaced with a cheeky toothy grin I am sure.


Where has it all come from? He has always had a little bit of hair but last few days it seems to have grown and got thicker. I hadn’t even noticed with everything else going on but the boy has a decent mop of hair on its way. Just a shame he has his dad’s cow-lick, bless him.


He has always been a mover, from a very early age he has loved being held upright on his feet. For a few weeks now he has been able to stand whilst holding on to me or his mum; or the sofa; or a stand up toy he has, but he always needed us to stand him. That all changed, I was at work and his mum had nipped into the kitchen, when she returned there he was stood up at his changing box with that look on his face of look what I did. She sent me the picture and I nearly burst into tears at work, so proud. That evening as if to show it wasn’t a fluke I sat on the floor after getting home from work and he crawled over to me and used my leg to stand up, hugs followed. I love being a dad.


Sure enough, standing mastered he wasn’t finished he wanted to walk. We have a walker but it had remained upstairs where he played with it occasionally, sat down in front of all the buttons. I brought it down, stood him up at it and he was off, didn’t even have to think about it. The day after he was doing laps up and down the living room and today I had him walking with it all the way into the kitchen (all be it a minor turn performed by me). They say you can’t run before you can walk, oh dear were in trouble now.


As if all this walking and standing wasn’t enough he decided to add some new sounds to his vocabulary. He has managed some d’s even adding a dadada which I’m convinced he’s saying dad, add to that a g sound and a b sound which were new for him this weekend. It doesn’t sound much but it is to his proud parents..


Finally, but definitely not least the one that sent me out of the door to work last Friday with tears in my eyes. When I held my son as I do every morning before I leave for work and asked him for a kiss. He leaned forwards open-mouthed and planted me one, my heart melted. There have been lots more kisses since, each one melts me like the last. He has also developed a habit of throwing in the occasional raspberry instead of a kiss which is highly amusing. In fact when he uses a combination of his new skills to climb all over his mum and plant one on her only to then raspberry all over her face, is there anything funnier?…I think not

They say children grow up so fast, well our little man is a living testament to that. These last few days have been incredible for his development, now if only he would master that sleeping through the night one.

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  1. This is lovely! Please keep it up. We need more fathers sharing their experiences. It opens up a new world for other fathers. Thank you!


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