A time to exercise

I have never been the thinnest of individuals despite once upon a time being relatively fit. I also really enjoy my food and over the last couple of years have developed a sweet tooth, which I was never before prone to. Therefore it is imperative I exercise, at least on a semi regular basis.

Now I used to be quite good with this, coming home from work I would go for a run. As I’ve gotten older and running became harder on my knees, I would replace one run per week with a swim. If my weight ballooned like it did during a holiday to America then my routine would bring me back down in a matter of a few weeks.

Cue the birth of my son, which coincided nicely with the rising girth of my waist (it’s starting to sound like I was the one who was pregnant). I now cannot seem to get motivated to do anything. All I want to do when I get home from work is spend some time with the little man. I don’t get long as it is, maybe 2 hours if I am lucky and we have to fit eating in during that time as well. Therefore the last thing I want to be doing with that precious time is going out running or swimming.

So now I am caught in that quandary. I still like to eat, I still have that damn sweet tooth. Yet the only way I can stop the middle age spread, spreading at a rate of knots, is to get my ever-increasing arse out of the house to do some exercise. Yet I really don’t want to, I want to spend time with my little man and fiancée.

Just before anyone suggests going in the morning, I really do not do mornings. Coffee, toast, a smile and a cuddle in the direction of a wide awake boy is as much as I like to muster before 9am.

I very much doubt I am the only one in this predicament, when do you all find the time to exercise?

Something is going to have to give, the question is what?

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  1. dadblunders

     /  July 5, 2012

    I generally take my son to the park, water park, mall. Different places that we are very interactive at. He is actually the main reason I lost over 50 pounds (over 22.6796185 kilograms) since his birth. The more active he is the fitter I have become in the waist line. I won’t often let him sit around and do nothing either (okay often I wish he would but truthfully I am glad he doesn’t.)

    Since my son first came home from the hospital I have made a effort to be out with him and do things all the time. I can’t remember the last week that went by that we weren’t out doing things for some amount of time. If we do get stuck in the house we will often play games, run, chase each other.

    So, for me losing weight and staying more fit than I can ever remember, I will give most of the credit to my son.

    • 50lb’s that’s brilliant.

      Our little man just started crawling and cruising so hes now got to the active stage and its non stop with him now. We do go to the park and days out every weekend but now he is getting active it will be a bit more than us pushing him round.

      We went to an American car show this weekend and he was infatuated to the point we ended up carrying him around it, I think that helped 🙂

      • dadblunders

         /  July 6, 2012

        I believe that is when my weight started dropping the quickest. It was the moment Xander became mobile. I am still always chasing him around and trying to make sure everything is alright. Now though, I get the added bonus of being able to play hide-and-seek, cars, games and such!

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