My week that was

So today I returned to work after nine glorious days in the company of my favourite 2 people in the world, my son and wife to be. Not since my paternity leave have we had so much uninterrupted time as a family. Not since my paternity leave have I been so knackered. It was an amazing week where we got out of the house, doing things as a family. It was also a reminder of how hard my OH has worked over the last 9 months and how easy I sometimes have it.

The week was a mix of days out and some quality father-son bonding time. We paid a visit to Chester Zoo where our little man took a big liking to the baby elephants. The Blue Planet Aquarium where he took a liking to watching all the school children on their day trip. I think he may have missed the concept of this particular trip out. At soft play he roamed about with his new-found crawling skills and mum and dad were able to relax, happy in the knowledge he was in a child friendly zone.

At home we started to clear and plan out his play room, which is to be his birthday present. Mum had some meetings to attend in preparation for returning to work so it was left to dad to entertain for a couple of days. I cannot begin to describe how much I enjoy just a few hours the two of us get to spend together, or the tiredness that envelopes me once his mum comes home. Especially as he is now at the age where he wants to be on the move non stop. Crawling, cruising, climbing over mostly me but anything that seems to get in his path. It’s tiring yet thoroughly rewarding, but also reminds me that his mum does this day in day out and what an amazing job she does.

So now I am back at work, it’s almost like I was never off, being thrust straight into staff problems and excuses. It wasn’t half as tiring, yet I still missed that afternoon nap I took on occasion. It certainly was nowhere near as rewarding or enjoyable, but such is life. It just makes you enjoy that precious time off when it does come around again. So here’s to September when another week combines with the little mans 1st birthday.

Hip Hip Hooray

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  1. Such a shame you couldn’t have stayed at home longer. ..and you would have been super-fit with all that running after little one. They are so lovely at that age but such hard work.

  2. thevoiceofsarahmiles

     /  July 18, 2012

    Aw, precious time but it is SO tiring….I haven’t slept properly in 8 years…*yawns*

    Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. ah..sounds like a lovely time off..and you are obviously somewhere near me in this little U of K because i too have been to chester zoo and the blue planet with my little ones 🙂

  4. dadblunders

     /  July 27, 2012

    The time off is very enjoyable but can be very challenging too! I always try to remember and let my son explore on his own as much as possible while we are at home. I know that someday he will grow up and he will have his own life and I won’t be the major influence I am now. Allowing him to be on his own some and realizing he is own person is hard on me but I always remember I have a life too.



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