I am sure some, if not all of you reading this are going to be bitterly disappointed with the content, especially the lack of visual aids to help you digest it. However I make no apologies. This after all is my rant and as the subject really surrounds my lack of boob contact, I figure you can do without.

It’s safe to say I’m a fan of boobs, I am trying hard to ensure this doesn’t sound too perverse in any way but it’s true. I like boobs and I especially love my fiancée’s, or from what I can remember of them. You see 18 months ago my OH fell pregnant and as you would expect she became beautifully round, but the transformation to her boobs was simply stunning. They were never small by any standards but now they were jaw dropping. I loved the thought of having these new improved assets around for a while but it wasn’t to be. I had to say farewell to them; my son was born.

The instant my little man was born, those boobs I had loved for years went on loan and I haven’t seen them since. My OH has stuck to her plan of breast feeding religiously and I can only commend her for it. It has been incredibly difficult at times; who wouldn’t find it hard feeding the hungry monster 22 times in 24 hours. Night after night of getting up anywhere between 2 and 5 times to feed him, where I can only look on and watch her struggle. I know it’s done him the world of good, he has never been ill where all around him have dropped like flies. His weight, whilst he is small,  has been steadily following the same trajectory and has been no cause for concern.

As a father at times however I have almost pleaded with my OH to switch to formula, let me take on some of that pressure and workload. It is extremely difficult watching as someone you love gets more and more tired. Yes I know it’s better for him but I have 2 people to care for and have to try and consider what is better for all concerned. My pleas however always fell on deaf ears as she rebuffed my overtures to switch and as we near the end of the breast feeding all together I am glad she did.

It’s fair to say I have missed those boobs but we have one healthy, growing and developing little boy. Much of that is down to the time, effort and patience my OH has put in and for it she deserves a medal. As we do draw close to the day the loan period finishes I look forward to welcoming them back and reforging my relationship with them. It’s just a pity I won’t get to spend any time with them in their improved form.

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  1. DustandLove

     /  July 30, 2012

    Excellent stuff sir. Now we’re on formula I can take over the late night feeds on Friday night and over the weekends. I primarily just wanted to feed our daughter for the connection, spending some time with her as well as letting her tired, overwhelmed mother get some well deserved sleep. The real fun comes with weaning. I do love boobs but what I missed most was her smell..

  2. Thanks for reading and the comment. Unfortunately we never really progressed to the formula. I say unfortunately, that’s my selfish outlook on it because it did mean the little man got more of his mum which I know is better for him. He is on solids now for the main but the last and first feeds are still his mum 🙂

  3. Great post – I remember that period of fatherhood so well! My kids are now 7, 9 and 12 – so the message is that it is a phase which passes and everything will be back to “normal” sooner than you can imagine!
    Sounds like you’re nearly there.


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