A Moment

I recently wrote a peice that has been published as a guest blog at therealmattdaddy.com and I would like to share it with you.

There is a moment in everyone’s life that stays with you forever. A moment that encapsulates every raw emotion and not only makes you question but realise why you were put on this earth.

For me that day, that moment, was when my son was born. As the midwife held him aloft I was in awe and wonderment of what had just happened. It truly was the definitive moment in my life and I knew right then I was the happiest man alive. Cutting the cord of this tiny baby that was mine to look after for ever more, my hand was calm but inside I was shaking like a leaf with sheer excitement and in some respects trepidation. The elation quickly turned to panic and fear as he was whisked to a scary looking machine and given some oxygen. Then relief as I was told it was just to clear his lungs and that he was fine. As I held him in my arms not 5 minutes old and he was looking back at me it was a wonder I didn’t burst into tears.

To read the entire blog please go to therealmattdaddy.com

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