New Experience’s

For a 9 month old boy every day is a new experience; new smells, tastes, places. Everyday he seems to learn something new whether it be a new noise, crawling or cruising. Being a parent of said 9 month old therefore brings about new experiences for us on an almost daily basis as well. Sunday however brought about and entirely new experience for all of us, one that came a little bit as a surprise but what turned out to be very pleasant.

Sunday we were attending a Christening of one of my OH close friends. Nothing new there I’ve been to a number of Christenings over the years including my own niece’s last year. I find them relatively dull affairs, I am not religious nor do I attend church on a regular basis. I find churches to be stuffy environments and much of what is being preached contradictory and in some respects antagonistic in its approach. However this isn’t a piece particularly to discuss the merits of religion or my own particular beliefs, I just feel its relevant to the experience I had.

When we finally found the church, (I do happen to love church buildings, I could spend hours walking round and admiring the architecture) it looked as many city churches do, pleasant building some people milling outside, not the normal looking church goers I must admit. Upon entering the church my instant reaction was oh, I am so out-of-place here. We had entered a gospel church and as a white man you can understand my immediate reservations. The woman who greeted us couldn’t have been more welcoming, showed us to a seat where upon we sat and my little man was soon the centre of our immediate surroundings attention.

What followed I was truly amazed by. the Deacon himself in trying to describe the events to follow (possibly aimed out the obvious outsiders) likened it to Sister Act the film and he couldn’t have hit the nail on the head more. It was a morning of worship unlike I have ever seen before, full of singing, clapping, jokes and laughter. Together with lots of  praise the lord’s, hallelujah and amen. I don’t think I have ever felt more welcome in a church before, more relaxed in a church before or enjoyed a church service like I did this one. The message was very clear, God is to be worshiped and worship him they did with great gusto and enthusiasm which was altogether infectious and dragged you in. I couldn’t help but clap my hands and tap my feet in time with the music.

Our only regret was that we just were not prepared.  We should probably have guessed it was going to be lengthy when the woman in front of us pulled out a thermos of coffee, bottles of water and a packet crisps, she isn’t here for your bog standard our service. After 2 hours we decided we needed to go, the little man who had loved it and was superb throughout was getting restless and hungry. We slipped out, but again no looks of disapproval just some farewells from the people at the door. Some welcomed us going only for the fact they could now sit as the church was so full there were people stood at the back for the entire time.

All in all a day that filled me with some trepidation not only surprised me but excited me and turned out to be a wonderful experience. As I stated earlier I am not a religious person but if I ever had a notion to attend a church on a regular basis that is the one I would go to.

So what unexpected new experiences have you had recently ?


A Reader Appreciation Award

I am very privileged to have been given this award by Lewis at Babberblog, which, if it’s not a blog you have read or follow I suggest you do so now a very creative writer and well worth a read. As for the award well there are some rules that go with it:

  1. Include the award logo somewhere in your blog.
  2. Answer these 10 questions below
  3. Nominate 10 to 12 blogs you enjoy. Or you pick the number.
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What is your favourite colour?

This is something that’s changed over the years, it used to be red, I then went through a blue phase (but don’t tell anyone being a United fan that’s sacrilege). Now my favourite colour is purple, which is quite fitting I guess.

What’s your favourite animal?

Without doubt Tigers, I absolutely love them. Such big, powerful, yet beautiful looking animals. It is my ambition to see them in their natural habitat and one day I am determined to make this happen.

What’s your favourite non-alcoholic drink?

Going to choose 2 here (I know its cheating but this is my blog :p). Morning drink has to be coffee, I love strong coffee black. Non of this Nescafe rubbish, real coffee. Once I’m awake then I am a bit of a sucker for coke. I have got better with this and managed to wean myself on to coke zero the sugar-free stuff but coke is my guilty pleasure when it comes to non alcoholic drinks.

Facebook or Twitter?

Can I sit on the fence ?

No OK then if I had to choose one then it would be twitter, which is strange because my family and closest friends are on Facebook but not on Twitter. I think I just enjoy the banter and real-time conversations you get on Twitter and its opened me up to a whole new world of blogging and fellow parents and bloggers. Facebook still has its place, I tend to post a lot of photographs on Facebook, especially of the little man but Twitter wins out in the end.

What is your favourite pattern?

Favourite pattern, not something I had ever given any thought to. So I opened up my wardrobe and lo and behold I’m a stripe man. It wasn’t a conscious thing it’s just kind of happened but if any of my clothes have any sort of pattern its stripes.

Favourite number?


It’s a football thing I’m afraid. My favourite player was Bryan Robson who wore 7, after him Eric Cantona who again wore 7 so the number 7 has always been the number. That being said the number 20 has always been lucky for me at the casino.

Favourite day of the week?

Saturday but that’s an obvious one really. I have a favourite time of day and that’s 5.30pm. That is the time I am walking through the door and my son looks up and a big grin spreads across his face, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Favourite flower?

Favourite flower, I don’t particularly have a favourite flower, don’t get me wrong I like to look at flowers I just don’t have one that stands out as a favourite. I do enjoy buying flowers especially for my OH, I love the smile they put on her face when I walk in with them.

What is your passion?

I have 2 passions in life one is football, I always have and will always will love the game. The biggest passion in my life however is my Family, I have an amazing little boy at home who never fails to make me smile and a beautiful Fiancée who in June next year will make me the happiest man alive.

OK here’s a few tags of blogs I read:

An Olympic Meme

With the Olympics just round the corner I decided to take part in the Olympic Meme started by Bloggomy

Here’s how to join in… simply write your own blog post answering the Olympic questions below and then forward and tag other blogs you love to join in and share their answers.  Don’t forget to share the love with links to the lovely bloggers you are tagging.

1)   If every day tasks were Olympic events what would you get a gold medal in?

Duvet changing, without blowing my own trumpet I’m awesome at it. I would break records in a timed duvet change no problem. The only part I would need to work on is making sure the buttons are at the bottom otherwise my OH shouts at me.

2)   As a child (or now even) did you excel at a particular sport and if so which one?

I was a pretty keen sportsman as a child but if I were to say which sport did I excel in it would be Cross Country running. In my heyday I ran for Stockport, Manchester and Derbyshire and won a few medals along the way. I also had trials for Derbyshire County Cricket Club once upon a time, but it didn’t progress any further.

3)   Michael Phelps (swimmer) or Michael Johnson (runner) – which sport appeals to you more?

Michael Johnson, being a runner I was and am always drawn to athletics rather than swimming. Johnson had one of the most unique styles of running I’ve ever seen but boy was he quick, great commentator now as well.

4)   How fast can you get out of bed and ready to go out the door if you miss the alarm and sleep in?

I mastered the art of this in my early 20’s and once managed it in about 5 minutes, showered, dressed, hair the lot. I also managed to get dressed for work in my sleep once, kind of strange waking up sat on the sofa, suited and booted.

5)   What fantasy sport would you like to see made into an Olympic event?

Rollerball, if anyone remembers the film of the same name you will know what I mean. It’s basically a futuristic basketball game where the competitors are on roller blades or motorbikes. They also get weapons thrown in and it’s pretty much who ever is left alive wins. Would make an awesome Olympic sport would it not ?

6)   Claim to fame time – Have you ever met an Olympian and who was it?

No Olympian unfortunately drawing a blank on this one

7)   What event in past Olympics can you remember most vividly?

100 meters finals always stick in my mind but the one that really stands out was Steve Redgrave and Matthew Pinsent winning gold for Redgrave’s 5th gold in 5 Olympics. It was a really great race and very emotional for them and to watch. I think Steve Redgrave really optimizes what the Olympics is all about for me.

8)   Tuning in at home, not for me or tickets clamped ready in sweaty palms?

We applied for all kinds of tickets and events but lost out in the ballot for all of them so it’s tuning in at home unfortunately. Very disappointed as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity but was not to be unless we wanted to watch fencing…..not really for me that one.

9)   Who do you think most deserves a gold medal (any walk of life not just Olympians)

No brainer this one My Fiancée for being the best mum in the world and for agreeing to be my wife, who else would have me 🙂




This would be my first Meme and I have Mushypea to thank for tagging me in it. The theme being started by Mummy Central


  • WHY are there so many idiots on the road and WHY can’t people navigate a roundabout without causing near accidents. Do they not know I have my son in the car, they obviously are not aware of the consequences should they hit me whilst I have my son in the car
  • WHY do people watch reality shows, are our own lives not complicated or fulfilling enough we have to watch other people’s lives evolve
  • WHY does my son not want me when he is unwell. I desperately want to console him and make him feel better but all he wants to do is fight his way past me to his mum.
  • WHY do I worry so much, especially when it comes to my family.
  • WHY are the schools where I live so crap. It’s a lovely place to live but you wouldn’t send your enemies kids to the schools here.
  • WHY is it raining, ok its a boring why I know but 4 days off to spend some time with family and it throws it down. Thank goodness he enjoys his food.
  • WHY does my son have so much dribble
  • WHY does he have so many crusty bogeys that are just out of reach
  • WHY is he obsessed with my phone and the remote controls
  • WHY did I let him near my keyboard and have to watch while all of the words suddenly disappeared
  • WHY am I so blessed to have such a beautiful son and Fiancé 🙂

This was a little bit harder than I thought but enjoyed doing it.



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